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    This has been a problem for quite some time for me, I always loved the feature of my BBs that I could use word substitution, especially since I write a lot in german and its much easier to set up the common words with Umlauts as word substitution (e.g. type "fuer" and use substitution to get "für").

    But for a few months now (have been posting on the Beta forums but it seems those are abandoned now) new words are not synced any longer, so after a restart the new words are gone, just the old list remains. Furthermore, if I change one of the existing words, the change vanishes after a reboot.
    And additionally, after a restart, the list of words is empty in the beginning, only if I manually go there, add a new word, then the list of words suddenly syncs.
    And that is not only a "display the list" bug, the words aren't replaced either until I do as described before, only when they are displayed in the list, then the substitution happens.

    So, if someone at BB is listening, I know that's a fringe feature that not a lot of people are using, but if you find time, please fix these issues. Thanks very much, I would highly appreciate your effort!
    11-03-17 02:52 AM
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    I am not sure if Word substitution is part of the Hub or part of the Keyboard app.

    I would first suggest trying one of the reboot methods below. You might also try clearing the Cache (Main Settings, Storage, Internal Storage, Cached data) - tap it and clear.

    Then you can also try UNinstalling the Keyboard app and then Reinstalling it.

    From BB blog: How to reset PRIV by BlackBerry | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    Three restart/reboot methods

    The first method, which should be used 99.9% of the time when you want to reboot your device, is using the Reboot option that appears after pressing the Power key.

    Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds
    Select Reboot from the menu that is presented

    The second reset method should be used if pressing the Power key does not produce the menu with Power Off and Restart. For example, if an app or game you are using won’t close, use this option to restart your device.

    Press and hold the Power key for 12 seconds

    Third method: Should your device fail to respond, the final reset method is to press and hold the Power key for 32 seconds which is equivalent to removing the battery. This should result in your device booting up successfully.

    If it fails to start, however, verify you are not pressing any other keys such as Volume Up, Mute, or Volume Down while performing any of the reset methods listed above. If you use a case for your device you may want to remove it as it might be pressing a button inadvertently.

    And just for an extra measure, if needed:

    Safe Mode:

    The next step is placing your device into safe mode.

    When used, Safe Mode will disable any third party apps or games you have installed. As a result of this, should your device not exhibit the issue while in Safe Mode it’s safe to assume the issue is specific to an app or game you have installed. Safe Mode may also remove apps and/or widgets from your various home screens when you go back to Normal.

    Press and hold the power key
    Tap and hold Power off (that is Press/Hold the Power Off prompt line) when it appears
    When prompted, tap OK to reboot to Safe Mode

    To get out of Safe Mode, press and hold the power key followed by tapping Reboot.

    After testing, should your device not exhibit any issues, the next step is to remove recently installed applications one by one until the issue is resolved.

    If that fails you might investigate reloading the OS using an Autoloader:

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    11-03-17 09:49 AM
  3. delanyinspiron6400's Avatar
    thank you very much!!!
    Clear cache + uninstall app -> reinstall app + 12 second reboot finally did it.
    Now everything loads again, I love it!
    11-04-17 03:36 AM

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