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    It seems I finally found what I'm looking for! All the way at the bottom of the bbappsupport@blackberry.com auto-reply is a section for Hub+ Subscription support, which I at first thought was just for payment related support.
    BlackBerry Hub+ Apps Subscribers - **Current paid subscribers only**
    **IMPORTANT** When completing the below form and entering the GP order number please do not include the last digit. The form will indicate it is incorrect with the full number. Leaving of the last digit will allow the form to be submitted

    Hub+ App Support: https://salesforce.services.blackber...oogleplaynonbb

    If you need assistance with BBM please email support@bbmtek.com

    Is there a reference list of where to send HUB+ support requests for different apps and/or different devices?

    I am asking because with the split between BlackBerry and BlackBerry Mobile, the forms on their websites are either not very clear or do not work.

    I noticed just now when trying to email support via blackberry.com for one of the HUB+ apps and it refuses to recognize my KEYone IMEI.
    On the other hand the BBMobile website accepts KEYone (hardware) requests, but they don't seem to handle support for the HUB+ apps...

    And the feedback address listed on Google Play is just an auto-replier that doesn't even mention the KEYone (yet) and just sends you on a loop of check here > check here > check here > back at start.
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    10-05-17 07:47 AM
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    No there isn't... as it varies by market.

    Did you contact BBMobile phone number for your region? If they aren't going to support their phones and the software they choose to install on them... they should at the very least give you a number to contact for that support.

    What issue are you having?
    10-05-17 08:31 AM
  3. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    I believe for hub apps you can just use the contact developer link im google play store or the report a problem link under Hub Settings. Fairly certain the email is bbappsupport@blackberry.com
    10-06-17 06:13 PM
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    on non BB devices, there is a "report a problem" link in the HUB side menu.. and yes, i believe it links you to send an email to the above mentioned email.. for BB devices, you can report something through their "Support Center" app
    10-06-17 07:29 PM
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    Unfortunately the Google Play link, bbappsupport@blackberry.com, isn't a monitored email address. It simply send out an automated reply forwarding you to blackberry.com regardless of device. But that portal doesn't allow you to log "generic" support requests (requires recognized IMEI).
    I was blind and just realised that is does in fact list a method for generic support requests for both Hub+ and BBM. Updated OP to reflect those two support portals as I'm sure a lot of us would like to use them at some point.
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