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    For Russian you have 11 letters per row, so obviously there is room to have: 1) original keyboard layouts and 2) customization options to add letters/symbols for various keyboard layouts.

    About 2) Why only have: "Symbol layout customization" in settings and not "Keyboard layout customization"?? It would be nice to let people customize their specific keyboards where they can add more letters/symbols if and when there is room (as mentioned, there seems to be room for at least 11 letters per row).

    An improvement to the official layouts for various keyboards is a must also. Not sure why the official layout is not honored for the specific keyboards that I use (not sure about other languages?).

    Russian (There is place for 11 letters per row):
    Suggestion: Virtual Keyboard improvements [missing letters for various languages] +Customize option?-russian.jpg

    Suggestion: Virtual Keyboard improvements [missing letters for various languages] +Customize option?-german.jpg

    ä, ö, ü, ß, part of the original German keyboard layout, is missing on the VKB.
    Since the sharp s (ß) is normally next to the zero, I would suggest to add the ß next to the m, and thus place it where the other special and frequently used German letters are. Please. don't hide it, as we use it frequently. Next to the m there are two more places left for letters, that is, if you consider the Russian keyboard layout.


    Spanish (Latin America):
    Suggestion: Virtual Keyboard improvements [missing letters for various languages] +Customize option?-spanish.jpg

    Even though it might not be "official" on a keyboard, but it would be nice to add the ¿ ¡ next to the letter m.

    Portuguese (Brazil):
    Suggestion: Virtual Keyboard improvements [missing letters for various languages] +Customize option?-portuguese-brazilian.jpg

    I am missing the ç next to the letter L:


    Not sure about missing letters of other keyboard layouts. That is for others to mention.
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    Can I make a request --- keyboard related but not necessarily virtual. On my K1, I find the autocorrect isn't as good as it was on BB10 for combined words. For example, on BB10, if I missed a space, the autocorrect would recognize this and insert the multiple words correctly. Android BlackBerry on the K1 doesn't seem to do this. My understanding was that they both use the same back-end (Swift key) so I'm not sure why one would be better than the other, but there's definitely a difference.
    11-08-17 09:09 AM
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    i believe all countries with strange letters would apriciate the same setup that was on the bb passport. only 1 virtual row that is customisable below the word prediction row. so that we can ourself always have an extra row on the screen when typing. without having to use the symbol button. that would probobly solve the problem for all countries with different types of characters.
    11-23-17 11:28 PM

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