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    For the multilinguist persons among us I think it is essential to have a quick shortcut/method/swipe to access the virtual keyboard and abandon the virtual keyboard.

    Now you only have the option to have the VKB ALWAYS show (via Settings>Languages & Imput>Physical >Show vertical keyboard) no matter what.

    This all or nothing solution is not productive.

    That said, it is not really convenient when you need to write in a different language every other time (without spending time to go to the aforementioned setting or without permanently sacrificing valuable screen space).

    You may also call this "bed mode" for VKB.

    It currently is just not possible to lay in bed, do some emails or surf the internet for a bit before going to sleep, or continue your foreign language apps where you need to access the foreign VKB's when wanting to use any of your fingers aside from your thumbs.

    Yes, I know about clicking on Sym>ABC> but it is not semi-permanent as it goes away after every enter in an internet browser.

    Just throwing out some ideas here, but one could for example think of a shortcut under the physical letter K that lets you enable or abandon the VKB and/or add an extra "button" to the onscreen shortcut bar that now includes 6 shortcuts: microphone, smiley's, keyboard, edit, clipboard, and password locker and perhaps as an option also, having the VKB disappear automatically when PKB entry is detected.

    Having a semi-permanent VKB goes hand in hand with an ability to terminate the background lighting of the PKB when VKB is activated:

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