1. jmwork's Avatar

    currently we have a user with a BB KeyOne who have the problem that the hub crashes as soon as a signed e-mail is displayed or edited. Unfortunately, an error message does not appear.

    11-24-17 02:38 AM
  2. LiamQ's Avatar
    @jmwork, could the user send a Bug Report shortly after experiencing a crash? To send a bug report, you will need to enable Developer options (tap 7 times on Build Number in Settings -> About Phone). Then in Settings -> Developer options, you can tap “Take bug report” and share that with an email client. If the option is greyed out, toggle “Enable USB Debugging”, which should enable it.

    Please send the Bug Report to bbappsupport@blackberry.com. Be sure to describe the problem in the email message as well so that we know what to look for in the Bug Report.
    11-27-17 03:30 PM

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