1. shandy-R2D2's Avatar
    Hi there BlackBerry nation!

    Have an outlook.com account. Would like to be able to move around a draft email so that it can be stored in a folder other than the Drafts folder. The reason for this is that unfortunately the Drafts folder doesn't sync automatically with EAS. Would love to be able to do that so that if I start composing an email on one of my devices, it would be possible to store it in a folder that does sync so that I can finish the draft on a different device should I need to do so (e.g. I started drafting an email, need to leave the office suddenly and would love to able to finish my email e.g. on my KEYone while on my way to a meeting). Now it does work with the described pattern (start drafting on a computer -> store the draft email in the Drafts folder on the computer -> move it manually to a custom created folder which is set up to sync on my phone). But it doesn't work the other way around - for the life of me I can't make the Hub to let me save/move a draft email to a folder other than the Drafts folder on the phone/Hub... Any suggestions? Cheers!
    12-03-17 02:39 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    I use Office Outlook on my PC and sync it to my phone through Outook.com. Drafts I start on my PC get sync'd to my phone's Hub Inbox just like on my PC, but I'd have to check to see if it works the other way as well.
    12-03-17 03:20 PM
  3. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    Fairly certain this is hard coded into the activesync 16.x protocol as a server side setting and not user configurable.
    I don't use outlook.com but on Enterprise systems the drafts/work in progress folder is synced to device. I think the free outlook.com system is still using the older ActiveSync 14 protocol which doesn't support 2 way draft sync.
    12-03-17 09:04 PM

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