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    My emplorer has changed to microsoft 365 email. When I try to set up my account it will not connect to server. I have been able to use outlook for this email but do not really like the feel of the app. I am kind of used to hub. Outlook seemed ok but it is the little things that bug me. Just trying to learn if this hub issue or what. I have contacted IT and he asks me if Blackberry still makes phones. I have to sign a paper allowing them to try to solve my issue so I came here to ask or see if anyone understands this issue.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    07-30-19 11:10 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    There were some issue with two factor authentication (2FA) that I believe have been corrected.
    @LiamQ or @max-bb might be of help.

    Or try this...

    For most accounts, it's as simple as
    1) Click add account
    2) Type in email address
    And if it's detected as an EAS account by default:
    3) Click 'Sign in with Microsoft' button.
    4) Follow your organizations web prompts to sign in.
    5) Click 'Allow' to allow Inbox to access your data.
    6) Press next and let the account add.
    And probably 7) Accept your organizations policies when the prompt comes up and allow Blackberry Services to become a device admin.

    If you don't see the Sign in With Microsoft button, we weren't able to tell it was active sync. You can do a manual setup for an EAS type account. In the authentication/password field, press the X beside the password button, and click "Add Authentication" Click the Sign into Microsoft button.

    If you get an error a few seconds saying your account doesn't support OAuth after clicking 'Sign into Microsoft' button, your account isn't compatible or you typod your email address.

    Your organization may also have restricted sign in to only Microsoft clients, in which case we can't do anything about it.
    07-30-19 11:59 AM
  3. RegN's Avatar
    I kind of thing the last line might be my issue. I did the x on the password and that got me farther but hub+ was not accepted client. So that clears that up and I feel I learned a little.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    07-30-19 12:12 PM
  4. RegN's Avatar
    The positive out of this is now it easy to set up led color separate from hub.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    07-30-19 01:44 PM

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