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    I'm using cobalt's hub+ suite on my Samsung Note 4. Voice commands ("Ok Google") and dictation do work when directly in a Google app (like Maps, etc.) However, the mic icon on the BB keyboard is disabled (has a line through it and no response when pressed or long-pressed), and "Ok Google" does not work from the home screen.
    Are there settings either in the BB Launcher or BB Keyboard that need fixing?
    12-13-17 09:29 AM
  2. mennonitesausage's Avatar
    OK I fixed it. Turned all language settings to English (US) instead of English (Canada), and also had to download some Samsung app that would allow the device to be woken up from voice.
    Hopefully battery isn't draining to much more now that my phone is constantly listening to me all day every day. Hah
    12-13-17 09:34 AM

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