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    As some of you might noticed it looks like the message deletion UNDO delay was extended (at least for Beta).

    Though admittedly it saved my behind from deleting emails I didn't want to, the visual disturbance is too much IMO, especially when swiping to delete...

    It's a debated topic here for which I found a solution for:

    All one need to do is tap the home button after deleting a message and relaunch Hub immediately thereafter (Convenience Key if configured or double tap Recent) and boom, the UNDO message is no longer in a split second.

    I prefer a quick home screen switch than the obnoxious red UNDO when swiping to delete.

    Obviously, if you can keep all your message deletions for just before you leave Hub you will be better off, just delete and switch away.
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    09-24-18 07:44 PM

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