1. ALToronto's Avatar
    My one and only Hub account is MS Exchange. I do have a Gmail account, which I use for my Google credentials, but I don't sync it to the Hub. It syncs to the Gmail app, and I use it for subscriptions.

    My issue is with Contacts. My main Contacts list is from MS Exchange, but many of the contacts are duplicated in Gmail. So why, when I edit an existing contact, only the Gmail entry gets updated? I have to manually choose my Exchange account and copy and paste the edits into it.

    On the phone, the contacts are merged, so the information is available regardless. But it doesn't get updated to my other devices, so it's a problem.

    Is there a solution without deleting my Gmail contacts altogether?
    01-21-17 10:55 AM
  2. nycspaces.'s Avatar

    This is a problem where android is really not behaving with exchange.
    01-25-17 08:36 PM
  3. ALToronto's Avatar
    I can separate the entries, and the Google entry disappears, only the Exchange information is left. I don't even know what happens to it.

    This is very strange behaviour, and there doesn't seem to be a solution. I have over 900 contacts, and about 2/3 of them were originally from Gmail. If I want Google out of my life, I have to separate each contact manually.

    The paranoid in me thinks that this is intentional.
    01-27-17 09:45 AM

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