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  1. evodevo69's Avatar
    I have to say - when the Hub+ suite was originally launched for android phones, my only experience with it was with the Moto G 1st gen and the LG G4. I also owned the Priv.

    My initial impressions were that the Blackberry experience was still better on a Blackberry. The icons on the G4, despite using the Blackberry launcher, still looked somewhat cartoonish. Moreover, the virtual keyboard wasn't the same - the words appeared bigger and boxy. On the Moto G 1st gen, the words on the vkb were too small.

    The overall layout on the G4 was everything was bigger - while on the Priv everything scaled smaller. Which made emails and texts look a bit more professional and obviously allowed for more content to be read.

    Well - I recently got my hands on a Galaxy S7 and dare I say it, it does Blackberry better than Blackberry.

    Samsung lets you alter the scaling of the display so that I was able to get it to scale exactly like on Blackberry phones - 5 icons across and 5 top to bottom. The blackberry keyboard on the S7 looks identical to the one on Blackberry devices.

    Even better - the S7 has an RBG LED and you can customize the color for each app (though not for each contact) that allows it.

    The S7 is around the same size or smaller I think, than the dtek50 - so if phablets are not your thing, there are very few flagship options out there. It handles wonderfully. And IF you really wanted to optimize one handed use - it has one handed mode available! Amazing.

    The camera is still probably the best in market right now.

    So happy with this purchase.

    I hope TCL makes 5inch devices...

    One thing I will give BlackBerry, is they let you customize the recent apps view. I haven't found anything other than rolodex for other androids.
    12-24-16 05:52 PM
  2. evodevo69's Avatar
    Like the dtek50, but 10000000x better
    Attached Thumbnails Hub+ Suite on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G4 thoughts-68.jpg  
    12-24-16 05:55 PM
  3. drobbie's Avatar
    Comparing a S7 to a DTEK50? What did you expect?
    mike kootnikoff likes this.
    12-24-16 06:55 PM
  4. evodevo69's Avatar
    Comparing a S7 to a DTEK50? What did you expect?
    I knew the s7 was in a different league but I had considered the dtek50 for its size.

    I'm not a fan of the phablet phones.

    I even owned and used the dtek50 for 3 weeks for that reason.
    12-24-16 07:58 PM
  5. darwincruz20's Avatar
    Like the dtek50, but 10000000x better
    Are you using the paid one or cobalts?
    01-18-17 08:11 AM

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