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    As you may already be aware, Android Q navigation take over screen edge for the purpose of system navigation which often conflict with both the slide out menu on the left and the overflow menu on the right.

    Below is a suggestion to overcome the overflow menu conflict issue:

    When selecting an email message there are several options available for PKB devices such as Delete (back key), M (Mark read / unread) etc.

    Such is not the case with non PKB devices which makes item management require accessing the overflow menu on the far upper right corner of the screen; the bigger it is, the less user friendly it becomes.

    Though we have configurable swiping options obviously it is limited to 2 actions only, left or right swipe.

    A more ergonomically correct way to manage selected items in my opinion is similarly to the Pocket app:


    Selecting a message (single or multiple) grays it out and displays an array of options, preferably customizable and if not then perhaps all the ones that have a keyboard shortcut.

    My wish list would be Delete, Read / Unread, Filter Subject and Filter Sender.

    This requires less taps and is more ergonomically correct for thumb placement immediately post item selection.
    08-19-19 10:54 AM

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