1. werdna77's Avatar
    I have been working on setting up a KeyOne recently and since I am
    new to Android this may be a dumb question- is it possible to stop all app notifications in the standard android notification tray that you pull down from the top bar but still have them show up in the hub? Otherwise I don’t see the point of having notifications at the top and also in hub. What settings should I be looking for? Thanks
    04-20-18 10:36 PM
  2. RK_BB's Avatar
    That's impossible to do! Hub depends on these notifications in order to integrate the message into the list.

    You can disable email and maybe SMS notifications and still see them in Hub but that's not the case for all other integrated apps.
    04-21-18 01:02 AM
  3. werdna77's Avatar
    Thanks. I figured as much but it does seem a bit much. It’s like notification overload/cluttered. And the Android notifications seem sufficient.
    04-21-18 07:55 AM
  4. RK_BB's Avatar
    I am totally with you! Notification Tray, Status Bar Icons, LED, Productivity Tab, Home Screen icon badge....it's a notification management mess...

    I have been trying to ignore the notification tray and use the Productivity Tab exclusively but I keep running into all kinds of conflicts; here is my correct setup:

    1. Nova Launcher
    2. Set all app notifications to level 1 or 2 in order to block the status bar icon (you need to enable system UI tuner in order to have access to app specific notifications level)
    3. Set LED to only show when the screen is off
    4. Convenience Key set to show notification tray (Nova setup)
    5. Swipe Down gesture on home screen set to show notification tray
    6. No app icons on home screen

    When I am at the home screen the Productivity Tab is useless as I can swipe down and see my message. This usually happens when I see the LED notification as it is set to show only when the screen is off

    When I am at any other screen the Productivity Tab comes handy

    Since the LED is set to show only when the screen is off, when the screen is on the carrier name disappears whenever I have a message, that's my notification

    Hope this helps to keep it clean!
    04-21-18 11:01 AM

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