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    Hi Team,

    I have been a ardent BlackBerry fan especially for hub and keyboard. I have a few requests and issues that I face,

    1. Hub opens little slow at start up after the blue screen
    2. Text message - if I mark them read from notification panel, it does not get marked read in hub. I have to do that separately.
    3. Keyboard app feels little heavier while typing as compared to google keyboard. It feels like a lag.
    4. Prediction engine seems dated unlike others which have built in neural prediction and AI.
    5. Random auto correction like some times it shows sms as and. No clue why.


    1. Keyboard app design seems dated. New themes, color option especially gradient will be great.
    2. Hinglish language support - I have imported the dictionary words for now but if it supports the language natively that would be great.
    3. Hub needs to be real fast and support text messages in a better way, a lot of marketing sms show blank if I use textra.
    4. Backup for keyboard learnt words
    5. Today all the phones are going edge to edge display making it difficult to hold and type especially from corners words like Q, A, P,L etc. Maybe small empty areas from both sides would be a great idea saving the phone from falling down as well while typing.
    02-12-19 07:26 AM

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