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    I'm in the process of trying to consolidate my Contacts into Outlook 2016 (Desktop) from three smartphones (LG G7, Torch 9800, Z10) and a laptop. Once that's done, I hope to move them all into Outlook.com, then sync all devices to that.

    I transferred my BB10 Contacts via Bluetooth to my LG G7, then Imported each Contact separately. The data displays differently between the stock Android (LG tweaked?) Contacts app and the HUB+Contacts app. The worst problem is when I want to edit a Contact. If I click the pencil to edit in HUB+Contacts, all the fields are blank. If I fill them in, then the non-edit view shows almost everything (name, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. twice).

    I'd like to fix this problem, if possible, or should I just wait until I'm ready to sync Contacts and Calendar to Outlook.com, in which case just wipe out all the Contacts on the LG?

    Should I bother using the HUB+Contacts? If yes, uninstall or disable the stock Android Contacts app?

    Tried searching, but too many threads with too many pieces of the puzzle.

    01-09-20 08:57 PM

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