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    I'm not sure if this is a hub issue or part of android but when I want or need to attach file to or picture to email the file browser that comes up is really terrible. For one when I select picture or any choice it goes to last folder you were at. OK might normal but why does it not leave the sort order the way I left it. It's always upside down. Why would anyone design it so oldest is at top. I use solid explorer for my go to file manager but it is not used when attaching to emails. I have found a bit of a work around now but still kind of confused.

    I think if you give options for picture or file or sound those options should lead to last folder for each selection. Why bother to have a list if all sections lead to same place. I find no option to set any folders differently.

    Blackberry KEY² Silver Edition
    01-22-19 08:28 AM

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