1. CDN_Brat's Avatar
    I just got my DTek 60 this last Tuesday ( coming from a Z30) so far aside from coming to android and the changes that brings I'm very happy with this phone.

    My only problem so far is that my emails won't delete off hub and server, only the hub. So off I go looking here in the forums, and on blackberrys site looking for a solution but I haven't found one. I've seen snippets of a known issue in other threads, but haven't been able to find another thread specifically about this issue.

    So if anyone can please assist that would be great. I have searched every setting I could find to make sure that the delete off hub and server is checked. But for some reason when I log into my ISP ( telus) webmail there is all the messages and I have to delete them again.
    01-29-17 11:01 AM
  2. RK_BB's Avatar
    I just found the issue, hopefully someone at BlackBerry will pick up this post:

    Sometimes, when an email message is deleted by the user in Hub Plus it is simply disappearing from the inbox and not actually getting moved over into the Deleted items folder. The message 'gets stuck' somewhere in between the Inbox to the Deleted items folder and therefore the sync don't work as there is basically nothing to sync.

    I found this out by deleting an email on Hub Plus, noticing that once again it is NOT getting deleted on the server, went to my deleted items folder in Hub Plus and the message wasn't there! Well, it wasn't in the Inbox either which made me search for it in random folders. I couldn't find it in any folder but was able to finally locate it's position when I hit the search function in Hub Plus.

    I then re-deleted the email message while the search function was On and sync then appeared correctly on the server side!

    Needless to say that Hub Plus settings is set to always delete on both server and Hub Plus.
    01-29-17 11:12 AM
  3. CDN_Brat's Avatar
    Well that's not it exactly... if I delete the email, it goes to the deleted folder, then I have to go to the deleted folder and if I delete it again from there it will go to the trash folder. I don't really want to put in the effort to delete emails twice when I've selected to delete from hub and server. I expect it to take one delete to remove the emails completely from my device and mail server.
    01-29-17 05:49 PM
  4. RK_BB's Avatar
    What mail server are you using?
    01-30-17 06:46 PM
  5. CDN_Brat's Avatar
    Telus, imap
    01-31-17 07:43 PM

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