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    I just Download Blackberry Software like Hub, Hub+ Services,Launcher, Privacy Shade, Password Keeper, Contacts, Tasks, BBM, Notes,Device Search,Calendar.

    I am using all these apps in MotoRola G5S Plus, Android Version 7.1.1, Current Version NPSS26.116-61-11, Security Patch 1-June-2018.

    I subscribed Blackberry Hub+ Services (65 INR/Month ) also for avoid Ads.
    I configure My personal & office email id in it. Sync Calendar & Contacts etc.
    Question is as follows:-
    1. Is there documentation how to use all Blackberry Apps available for normal users (Other than enterprise)?
    2. Can we set Blackberry Launcher as moto Launcher which show Google at Left Side.
    But instead of google why not Hub can see at Left side. In actual there is nothing at Left side no Google, no Hub. So Is there any way to keep Hub at Left side as in BB10 OS?
    3. Can I subscribe Security Apps provided by Blackberry as normal user?

    Waiting for answers.
    08-11-18 08:09 AM

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