1. mschmiechen's Avatar
    As described in my subject this is a pain. This must be supported soon or I will change the software
    10-25-19 05:42 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Are you referring to Pixel face-unlock support? Lots of apps still don't support that and some likely never will do the way it works.
    10-25-19 07:01 PM
  3. mschmiechen's Avatar
    yes, I referring to this. so you reckon BB won't support it?
    10-26-19 03:06 AM
  4. Nick Spagnolo's Avatar
    10-26-19 06:34 AM
  5. anon(10647958)'s Avatar
    The Pixel 4 is a bit of a unique situation so far given it doesn't even have a fingerprint reader. I wouldn't be expecting too many developers to jump on that bandwagon just yet.
    11-12-19 11:59 PM

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