1. BerrytheBest's Avatar
    I just got my Pixel 3 XL (had to move away from Blackberry devices after 15 years of loyalty due to the devastating experience with the TLC devices and Blackberry's customer service).

    OMG, great device! I was trying to keep a pure Android experience with GMail to enjoy the speed and integration, however, nothing comes close to the Hub for email management (I have 7 accounts to navigate between due to affiliation with various organizations). I really don't want to use the Blackberry Launcher (to enjoy the new Pixel experience), but I need the new message red star on my Hub icon, so I don't check unnecessarily.

    The various apps and widgets in the app store don't work well, they either limit their service to one account or keep listing unread message count until I check everything. In that regard the Hub icon on my Key One showed the star if any new message arrived since I last checked the messages, whether I opened all unread ones or not. That is what I need.

    Is there any workaround?
    10-21-18 09:18 AM
  2. jfalkingham's Avatar
    Depending on your launcher yes. Mine shows a green box with # of unread I'm using Google now launcher which i know is out of support now.

    Nova launcher or Microsoft launcher both are good options. I don't like the BB launcher because i can't get the Google feed when i swipe right.
    10-31-18 02:08 PM

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