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    Hi all,

    I have posted some issues that some friends are having with the Android version of the Hub on the other forums and I was directed here.

    I have read through several threads and noticed that the LiamQ & Max-BB who appear to be BlackBerry employees, helping us all out a lot.

    I wanted to give them all a big thanks for all their hard work and their dedication to the community and the improvement of the BB Hub+.

    BlackBerry and Crackberry users can be a tough crowd but we all share a love of all things BlackBerry!! I hope that we can all continue to enjoy the devices we all love with a continued improvement in all things hardware and software from the BlackBerry and BlackBerry Mobile teams.

    Once again thanks, keep up the great work on improvements and changes to the products! If I may be able to ask, would you be able to comment on how large of a team works on the Hub app and how big of a Android team BlackBerry has approx? I've always wondered how it compared to the BBOS and BB10 days.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-19 04:20 AM

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