1. zer0ten's Avatar
    Good lord this new update that I held off on for a while is absolutely horrendous. I know it's not the fault of BB but text messaging has been completely crippled!

    I went back to a December build from APKMirror. I wonder how long this will work for.

    Does anyone know of any other app that integrates email and texts? I don't care too much about the other stuff like Google Hangouts, Kik WhatsApp etc because it's never worked properly on the android hub anyway.
    03-24-19 09:11 PM
  2. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    seems to be a mixed bag. some are bemoaning reduced functionality. others simply don't adapt well to change. it's human nature.

    I and some others like the new Hub. others don't and have downgraded - they tend to be the outspoken and vocal group.
    03-25-19 10:14 AM

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