1. Shaunak Basu's Avatar
    Blackberry Evolve is a funny device.
    At least to me.
    I honestly feel cheated after purchasing this device.
    The phone does not support the largest Telecom operator of India (Jio) - even though it is made by India by Optiemus!
    I am not blaming BB for this but it is really sad that BB has sold it's licence to such uncrupulous organization.
    Add to this - Jio even offered free benefits with this phone. This I believe will make everyone assume that the phone will support the Telecom Operator!
    Sadly it supports only Jio Data and to use calling / SMS you need to install a carrier bloatware with loads of adverts popping out every now and then.
    Hope BB finds ways to tackle these Hardware manfacturers else soon they will lose all their reputation.
    I dont have any faith on Jio - they can do anything and everything. But am surely disappointed with BB for giving their licence to such a firm.
    If anyone has been able to enable VoLTE on Jio would like to know the process.
    The tragedy of BB Evolve.-evolve.pngThe tragedy of BB Evolve.-evolve-jio.jpg
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    10-10-19 04:09 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Yes the Evolve is a tragedy....

    Not to worry going forward, I doubt BlackBerry or Optiemus will be working together anymore.
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    10-10-19 07:50 AM

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