1. kaltsil's Avatar
    After a sudden battery drain, my dtek 60 was stuck in trying to boot for hours. It wouldn't leave the initial booting android mode (you know, triangles and squares on the screen) for hours untill the battery would drain and so on.. I took it to a service company and they decided I needed a new battery. Battery replaced and still it would not switch on. Stayed to the circle of booting until battery drain.
    Then, a technician familiar with BB (very rare in Greece) just uploaded the software again and problem solved.
    Nevertheless, even though the phone works perfectly, when I put it to charge ( original charger that came in the box) needs 11 hours for a full charge!!! Any help??? Tried several times but seems like the quick charge is long gone.
    P.s. the mic was not working also, but that was fixed after I myself updated with the latest patch
    10-26-18 08:41 AM
  2. LoveMyLBZ's Avatar
    I haven't had quick charge available for close to 6 months, but I think mine was due to daughterboard breakage. *subscribed*
    10-26-18 08:43 AM

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