1. gregster09's Avatar
    Since none of the major carriers offer the DTEK60, is there a reseller or other venue I can go to try the phone in person? I'm aware some vendors (Staples, NCIX) carry it, but not sure if they are on display, and if so, which stores have display models. Located in Markham/Scarborough area...interested in comparing it with my 6P.
    12-10-16 03:43 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    My local Staples only has a dummy DTEK50 on display. A while back someone said they saw a DTEK on display at NCIX, so that may be your best best. Call them first and tell them you want to try it out before you decide.
    12-10-16 04:08 PM
  3. trader69's Avatar
    You can buy at staples and you have 30 days to return it (same offer at Shop BlackBerry, but you can do in store return at staples)

    Anyway, you'll keep it 😜😜😜
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    12-10-16 04:23 PM