1. Noisy_Boy's Avatar
    I am using my new blackberry dtek60 for a few days now. I love this phone it as a lot of cool features and I love that it is still close to stock android. There is only one problem with this phone and that is that each time I plug in my earphones maxxaudio gives this message: headphones detected to comply with earopean regulation, only default presets can be applied. Is there any way to remove this? Thanks in advance to everyone willing to help me solve this question.
    04-01-17 01:25 AM
  2. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    Just curious, do the default presets only relate to sound?

    I get that default presets message come up, I'm in aus, but luckily it then gives me the option to over-ride it.

    I can say that the message comes up with all the music apps I've tried when I use the ear plugs.

    Oh, and I use a priv.
    04-01-17 04:36 PM
  3. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    I've learnt of another thread which contains a workaround that may work for you:
    04-01-17 11:08 PM
  4. Noisy_Boy's Avatar
    Sadly this does not work since the problem lies within the maxxaudio app
    04-02-17 11:52 AM
  5. Noisy_Boy's Avatar
    I guess the default presets relate to sound. I don't know for shure since I cannot change anything within the app as long as I have earphones plugged in
    04-02-17 11:53 AM

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