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    Last week, I put my phone to charge and when I picked it up, the screen had turned 2 shades of green, and would continually flash like a christmas tree and the battery would drain extremely fast - not that it mattered because the phone was unusable.
    After searching for a phone number to call for about 30 minutes, I finally get through with a human. I explain the problem, and they ask me if I have installed any updates to the phone -YES THE ONE YOU JUST PUSHED- so she says do a reinstall of the OS, and if that didn't work, then send the phone in for repair.
    I tell her, just do the repair order because the screen is poof. So we do all that, she tells me it is policy that they repair the phone because its still under warranty and that it will take 7 to 10 business days to get back to me. I asked for a replacement until then and well I knew that answer already....LOL.
    So with little hope that I get my phone back in time for my next trip, I wanted to ask if anyone has gone through a warranty claim like this in the US and what was their experience and time frame for getting everything back. I have read about nightmares in Canada, I'm hoping here is different.
    07-25-17 12:14 AM

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