1. ibpluto's Avatar
    With Rogers, have proper voicemail plan, using stock Android phone app.

    Shows incoming and outgoing calls in my hub and shows incoming calls in notification bar at top, but I do not get the little voicemail icon to show I have a voicemail in top notification bar and nothing int eh hub.

    I am NOT talking about visual voicemail, just the actual voicemail notification icon

    Checked online and this appears to be an issue for some folks, but no one seems to know where or what setting to fix the issue.
    05-07-17 10:11 AM
  2. LordPiggyOfHam's Avatar
    I just checked (I had a friend call and leave a voicemail) and I have the voicemail notification icon in the status bar at the top of my screen. I have a BlackBerry DTEK60 (unlocked from ShopBlackBerry) on Rogers. My previous smartphone on this line was an iPhone 5s and I just switched the LTE SIM from one smartphone to another without issue. I did not enter any settings into the DTEK60, it worked right from the start.

    My guess is that it is not an issue with your DTEK60 but an issue on Rogers' end. Have you tried resetting your voicemail account? You will lose all your saved voicemails if you do that. I cannot remember if you can do that online or if you need to dial *611 and speak to tech support to do that. If you have not done that it would be a good first step.
    05-07-17 03:08 PM

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