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    I've somewhat reluctantly ordered a DTEK60 to replace my Z30, lack of apps being the main reason as my Z30 is still going strong after all these years. The DTEK60 should be arriving tomorrow. These CB forum threads have been a tremendous resource to me with regards to switching content and setting it up (as they were with my Z10 and Z30 - thanks to everyone willing to share and answer questions!). But in all the treads I've read I haven't seen anything about using a rapid charger with the DTEK60. I have one from my old PlayBook and use it every now and then with my Z30. I realize the DTEK60 comes with the USB C charging capability, but I was wondering if using my rapid charger would have any negative affect, damage the battery, etc. I was thinking of bringing it to work and leaving the USB C at home to avoid hauling cables back and forth. Or will the rapid charger not fit?

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    01-03-17 10:36 PM
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    My PlayBook is all boxed up since I don't use it much, but I'm not sure the charger has an output any greater than bundled charger that comes with the DTEK60.

    If nothing else the DTEK60 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 that can realistically charge the phone to 100% from almost dead in about an hour. So the provided chargers might be all you need!
    01-03-17 10:53 PM
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    Thanks for the reply, but as I said in my post, I'd like to also have a charger at work and avoid having to haul the cable that came with the phone back and forth.

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    01-03-17 11:08 PM
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    You'd need an adapter to plug the micro USB PlayBook Rapid Charger into the DTEK60. And even then, the DTEK60 does have Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 support, which is not only quick (duh) but also generates quite a bit less heat than previous generations of rapid charger.

    You're better off using a Quick Charge 3 charger + the right USB C cable: https://www.amazon.ca/Charge-Anker-C...UvbUpU12718729 https://www.amazon.ca/Anker-PowerLin...UvbUpU12718729
    01-03-17 11:18 PM
  5. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    “You're better off using a Quick Charge 3 charger + the right USB C cable:


    (All the url after "ref" or "?" which *Is just telling Amazon who and what path that landed on page.. )

    USB and USB-C cables and chargers have not usually been up to standards in most cases, Amazon was said to be cracking down on the 3rd party marketplace.

    They cost more but Apple USB / USBC Cable and charger work fine. I've had iffy experience with Amber and their USBC.

    This is Anker I bought:


    So that I can plug in couple devices
    01-04-17 08:06 AM
  6. parothd95's Avatar
    Thanks for the help. I've bought a couple of adaptors.

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    01-05-17 01:10 PM

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