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    Back in the day when I ditched my iPhone for the Bold 9000 I was full of confidence. I was holding the best productivity tool in my hands and handled my communication as well as Word, Excel and PDF docs with ease. Me and my BB had a really good thing going for some months. Then came social media in a big way. Not in terms of some real life changing innovation as far as I was concerned but what soon became the new norm: constantly sharing what you were doing be it your lunch plate or some accident on the way to work and God knows what else. I gave up my trusty BB and soon enough I was trying half-baked versions of Android and crippled versions of iOS. I was bewildered. And I admit, I lost focus. For me it used to be about quality and productivity and I was losing sight of both. Facebook and other media whose names I don't even remember soon populated my 4,3 inch screen. Sure, office was still there but so was lot's of other distraction. It was a period of little productivity and lots of meaningless communication, of which a fraction seems important now in retrospect. What BB offered was focus! Or a way to obtain focus and as result productivity and result. Today, I want back. I again admit. I was mad at BB (RIM) for not providing what I then thought was the latest thing. Now in retrospect I know that I was wrong and RIM was right. They wanted so bad to offer me the best productivity tool there was. And aside from some imperfections, they did so with bravura. Now I want reconciliation. With BB10 and following the Android and BlackBerry marriage, there is no reason for me to hold anything against BB. BlackBerry is doing its part. It's time I did the same.
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    11-13-16 07:19 AM
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    Great post!

    I think we now have the best of all worlds, the freedom Android (not half-baked any longer) and the focus and security that BB can offer. Also the more usable screen sizes...
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    11-13-16 07:39 AM

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