1. mryan55's Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed small scratches on the back of their DTEK60? I have two very small and fine scratches on the back glass. I use the BlackBerry leather holster which is always my preference for carrying any BB device, and I am wondering the magnet in the latch on teh holster might be the cause, since sometimes I kind of slide it along the back the phone when putting the phone in the holster.

    I also think the granite kitchen countertop could be a culprit, although it has not caused issues with other glass-backed evices.

    They can only been seen in quite bright light, but just curious if anyone else has noticed scratches and if there are any tips for cleaning them up.

    12-11-16 07:51 PM
  2. Pcmx's Avatar
    I keep mine in the soft shell so I don't know if there are scratches on mine.
    12-12-16 09:27 AM
  3. mryan55's Avatar
    I have the soft shell as well (obviously) but prefer to holster the phone instead of pocketing it.

    Maybe I will try the shell and pocketing the phone as well.

    I'm guessing that the back glass is not as strong as the front glass.

    Not a big deal though. Love the phone so far and enjoy using it naked.
    12-17-16 09:57 AM

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