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    Hello All,

    I'm currently experiencing the battery issues that are well documented on the forum regarding the DTEK60. Went through the hoops with screen shots and factory resets (Pain in the a*s) to no avail. I'm currently awaiting a mailing label to send the device back in under warranty for repair. The unit is only 6 months old and crazy that it is experiencing this issue. The unit is on the current 12/17 patch and was functioning normally with a 1-1/2 to 2 days on a normal charge until this past Sunday went everything went south on holding a charge. There were no rouge apps eating power and I'm a very light user with no game use.

    My question is two fold, one, for those who have sent the unit in for repair is the replacement battery a better offer to the original or am I to expect the same issues to pop up in another 6-8 months of replacement? Two, is this a design flaw of the phone that is causing the issues with the batteries failing in the phone? Just trying to get some feed back from those who have sent there phone in for repair from Blackberry/BBMobile and how there phone is functioning now since their return.

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    01-17-18 07:39 AM
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    It's not a design flaw, it's a function of a thin, light device with a moderately-undersized batter that tends to promote grabbing two cycles worth of wear in a day. Add to that the universal idiocy among cellphone makers to run the saturation part of the charge "hot" (on voltage) and you wind up with batteries that can start getting severely degraded right around the one year point and sometimes less.

    Apple was doing the same thing (and still is) which is the clear motivation for their "slow the phone down" game -- evading warranty repair obligations and costs.
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    01-17-18 08:44 AM
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    Have you seen this thread? Don't know if it's the same for you?

    01-17-18 09:44 AM
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    Yes I had read the link pretty thoroughly and I have not opened the unit because it is still under warranty. I would hope the repair center would take into accounts on how to fix the device properly including replacing the battery with a suitable revised replacement.
    01-17-18 10:10 AM
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    I got a replacement from BlackBerry. It is working great. I figure by the time this battery goes that other phones will be attractive enough to spend money. Unless BlackBerry /TCL developes better communication and timely updates my future phone won't be carrying any BlackBerry label
    01-17-18 10:37 AM
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    Thanks rcab, At this point I'm leaning the same way... Was there any documentation in the box via the return on what was done to the phone during the repair? Also, how long did you get on the original battery and what is the current time since the repair/replacement of the new battery... Thanks again!!!
    01-17-18 11:02 AM
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    I have just recently been through hoops with blackberry mobile support, since October with my DTEK60. it went to the repair centre only for them to say there is no fault, they did s factory reset and sent it back. they even tried to charge me whilst it was under warranty. the service I received from BlackBerry was epic! the third party repair centre is shocking! reading their reviews as a company online explained a lot. however no battery change, some days my battery will last from 7am till 7pm. other days it will last from 7am till 1pm. some days I have to charge it three times. it's fairly **** seeing as in the beginning of ownership, I'd still have 50% after 12 hours use. granted I've installed further apps and I'm sure some are draining the battery.
    in my long discussions with BlackBerry support, once the repair centre advised finding no fault, they were unable to help further. I find it strange as various apps / native battery monitor show the battery capacity is diminished and there is drain, with no direct culprit shown in the monitor section. I'm currently waiting to hear from BlackBerry support, as I'm requesting a new battery as a goodwill gesture and I will install it myself. well try too, as my phone is now out of warranty.

    good luck! I am tempted at purchasing the motion, but I know there are new devices being released so may hold out!
    01-25-18 06:42 PM
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    To give everyone an update as of 1/29/2018.

    I sent my device which was under warranty to the US service center, Richardson TX. The Phone arrived on Tuesday 1/23/2018 and serviced with return back to my hands on Friday 1/26/2018. According to the paper work I assume that the whole guts of my phone was replaced because it does now have a new IMEI. I set up the phone on Friday evening taking a OS Upgrade to bring it to the NOV 2017 patch OS. MY old IMEI/Device was updated to the DEC 2017 patch and never got the chance to do the JAN 2018 patch before it was sent into the service center for repair.

    The repair so far has brought the unit back to its normal function. The only thing that I can't seem to figure out is it will not attempt to pull either the DEC or JAN updates at this point. No matter if I try the system update option or the "CHECK IN" command... I use to get the monthly (when available) without issues... Any thoughts with that issue?

    01-29-18 07:18 AM
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    Hi Guys,

    Update 2/13/2018

    So My phone over the last week seems to only last about a day before needing a recharge. Very light user more email than anything else on a normal day. I reached out to BBSupport to get a better understanding of what was done to the phone during repair. Here is their response:

    "We changed the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) on the defective device along with the battery because it was not just a battery issue, but also a PCBA issue."

    But I'm just not seeing the results of when it was new of 1-1/2 to 2 days on a single charge. Any thoughts? I see patches also are not coming as fast as before. I reported my new IMEI number to support but as of this email still awaiting February update which use to hit the phone as soon as they were announced. Are people still seeing many issues after a trip to the service center. I would have thought a new board and battery would have fixed this issue. Very frustrating!!

    02-13-18 11:36 AM

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