1. jvlatchwk's Avatar
    The DTEK60 has the same "ringer volume down after 'do not disturb'" as the DTEK50. I found the volume control work around (using the volume control on the right side to turn ring volume down to vibrate only and then to nothing, and volume up out of silence through vibrate to whatever ringer volume is desired) works well for almost every situation, and it's quicker than doing it the "do not disturb' way.
    10-29-16 06:33 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Thanks for reminding me about that issue and the work around. I used the Do Not Disturb feature on my DTEK50 for the first time last night and forgot to check it this morning.

    I've now also set my phone to always flash the notification light and to vibrate as well as ring.
    10-29-16 06:46 PM

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