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    My DTEK60 came to me used(and my hands are third actually ), so I applied to it the latest autoloader and the June update hoping to get a pristine system.

    I see that my modifications to the screen size (1080x1920 now) survived the autoloader application, so I am clarifying which other modifications might be "permanent" and check their status.

    As 8 hours in airplane mode consumed 53% out of 100%, I see an issue to look into...

    For the sake of illustration, I have attached the "ls -l" output from ADB shell. As I applied autoloader on 2017-08-03, the date of "/root" being 2017-06-21 makes me wonder. It dates earlier than I got the phone, and is later than the latest Android security patch level (5 June 2017).

    Can anyone with a GOOD battery life _and_ the same Android security patch level (5 June 2017) drop here from ADB an own "ls -l /" if not "find / -exec ls -l {} \;" please? (except personal information, of course!)

    I want to compare the state of my phone with the good one.
    Attached Thumbnails Researching my bad battery airplane time: should _currently_ the date for the '/root' be 2017-06-21?-dtek60_adb_root_date_question.png  
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    Check phone with batterystats apk, ist mb bluetooth problem
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    08-04-17 03:47 PM
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    Check phone with batterystats apk, ist mb bluetooth problem
    I ran my test in airplane mode with only monitoring tools added after last Autoloader and June 5 update application, so everything is (supposed to be ) turned off. Now I am running more advanced monitoring, and the number of Kernel Wakelocks that monitoring tools report to me is simply ridiculous.
    08-05-17 11:14 AM

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