1. romaan1231's Avatar
    Hello , I am currently using blackberry dtek60. I am suddenly facing an issue with my phone. First its battery starts draning without having any issue like i overcharged it or any other mishandling with battery or phone then now when i turn on my phone only blackberry logo screen appears and a vibration but it didn’t turn on but it can go tu boatloader menu only and When i connect it to charger then it goes on when i press power on button and remain on for only few minutes if i disconnected with the charger. Can anyone please explain me the problem??
    11-21-18 04:49 AM
  2. Condoleeza's Avatar
    my battery also had the fast draining issue. if you do a search, you will find that it is a common issue with the Dtek60. I haven't heard about the other issue.
    11-21-18 06:31 AM
  3. Triet180583's Avatar
    Find any support blackberry on your country can check and repair the battery. Don't use any autoloader file on this forum to use for downgrade or refresh os, it can be bricked your phone.
    11-21-18 07:00 AM

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