05-03-19 08:09 AM
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  1. playbookster's Avatar

    I'm using whicons icon pack and rad pack widget with the stock BlackBerry launcher
    10-29-16 01:00 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Thread stuck, nice.
    10-29-16 01:01 PM
  3. playbookster's Avatar
    Thread stuck, nice.
    10-29-16 02:05 PM
  4. trader69's Avatar
    Keep an open space at left (work left hand on my DTEK60) to double tap to close.
    Attached Thumbnails Post your DTEK60 homescreen-6089.jpg  
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    10-30-16 11:16 AM
  5. house78's Avatar
    How do you take a screen shot with the DTEK60
    10-30-16 01:01 PM
  6. Willieray3's Avatar
    How do you take a screen shot with the DTEK60
    Push the power button and volume down button at the same time
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    10-30-16 01:20 PM
  7. house78's Avatar
    Here's mine
    Attached Thumbnails Post your DTEK60 homescreen-5490.jpg  
    10-30-16 02:20 PM
  8. tonythecanuck's Avatar
    Here's mine
    Thanks! Nice!
    10-30-16 07:48 PM
  9. johnnywadiii's Avatar
    [/Post your DTEK60 homescreen-1477875279794.jpg
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    10-30-16 07:54 PM
  10. Egod101's Avatar
    Did you arrange your screen like that, or did it come like that?
    10-30-16 09:20 PM
  11. caramelgeoff's Avatar
    Here's mine. Using stock launcher.
    Attached Thumbnails Post your DTEK60 homescreen-screenshot_20161030-204541.jpg  
    10-30-16 09:24 PM
  12. piko 72's Avatar
    Here's mine, using Nova launcher premium beta
    Post your DTEK60 homescreen-screenshot_20161031-060016.jpg
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    10-31-16 05:12 AM
  13. RichardAitch's Avatar
    Post your DTEK60 homescreen-screenshot_20161031-110006.jpg
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    10-31-16 06:02 AM
  14. vagos2006's Avatar
    The Thread "Priv Theme" is awesome. i saw some themes and homescreens that are just amazing, hope a lot of DTEK60 owners post here as well.
    10-31-16 07:36 AM
  15. kjtaylor1's Avatar
    10-31-16 12:30 PM
  16. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Post your DTEK60 homescreen-screenshot_20161031-142505.jpg
    10-31-16 12:32 PM
  17. playbookster's Avatar

    I switched to an animated wallpaper. It changes with your locations weather and has a day and night cycle. Quite a beautiful theme

    Here's the link for it:
    11-01-16 07:23 PM
  18. thurask's Avatar
    Fresh device with little on it (yet):
    11-01-16 07:45 PM
  19. Egod101's Avatar
    Please post sample pictures.
    11-01-16 07:53 PM
  20. playbookster's Avatar
    Please post sample pictures.
    Of what
    11-01-16 08:02 PM
  21. Egod101's Avatar
    Not on this post. Like showing the camera's capabilities. Wrong post, though.
    11-01-16 08:39 PM
  22. kewlgirl73's Avatar
    I'm using Nova Launcher with the Crispy icon pack. Clock widget is the Digital Clock Experia app and the wallpaper is from the Backgrounds app.
    Attached Thumbnails Post your DTEK60 homescreen-1142.jpg  
    11-01-16 08:53 PM
  23. Patrick Pierobon's Avatar
    Here's mine, using Nova launcher premium beta
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20161031-060016.jpg 
Views:	295 
Size:	118.7 KB 
ID:	411042
    What weather widget you using?
    11-01-16 08:54 PM
  24. Carjackd's Avatar
    11-01-16 09:01 PM
  25. bb624's Avatar
    I'm finding this home screen almost impossible....first the wallpaper is not centered, try to use a widget....can't says my home screen is full but it's not.....frustrating....
    11-02-16 07:53 AM
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