1. wisn shatfler's Avatar
    Hay everyone. I have dtek60 ans its pretty good. But its android os version is old 😐 so can we request Android 7 update for dtek60. I we join together and sign a change.org letter i think we can get 7 update. Admins in this groop please do something for this. BlackBerry is most secure Andeoid device in this world. But people think its too old and no updates. So if we can get 7 update for this we will can change peoples mind. Atand up guys. We can do this. Pleasw admins get lead for this. Thanks. I hope positive response.
    06-02-19 10:41 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    It's never going to get any more monthly updates, let alone Nougat (or Oreo, or Pie, etc). Any effort wasted on a petition is better spent on getting a different phone once the lowest bidder internals start to fail.
    wisn shatfler likes this.
    06-02-19 08:31 PM

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