1. Nishant Machhar's Avatar
    So finally a BlackBerry started marketing themselves, the first ever newspaper commercial in a daily (probably).

    I haven't seen an advertisement by them in a long long time, perhaps it's the distributor doing it.

    Whoever it is, they need to do more.

    I am from Western part of India BTW.
    Perhaps the first newspaper commercial - India-img_20170123_094720.jpg

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    01-23-17 02:05 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Certainly not the first but yeah, maybe the first in a while and yes, clearly put out by distributors. It has their distributor logo in the ad.
    01-23-17 03:18 AM
  3. Fool Guy's Avatar
    Seems BlackBerry found a new partner in India as Official Website
    Perhaps the first newspaper commercial - India-23_01_2017_019_042.jpg
    And the new partner has listed all major retailers as sell partners.
    In fact Optiemus : About US is the new BlackBerry distributor in India.
    Few years back i have seen one big billboard for Z3 at Brigade Road Bangalore.
    But seen no print media advertisement (i may have missed).
    Interestingly today my friend who is using Z30 phoned me about this Ad he forgot that just last week i suggested DTEK60 and he just ignored my suggestion coz he was thinking to buy iPhone
    Yes good Advertisement is very much required nowadays.
    01-23-17 06:06 AM

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