1. Theo Groenevelt's Avatar
    Have been trying to UPDATE my 8 mo old DTek 60 to no avail...I am not experiencing a WiFi error...or at least I don't believe so as my WiFi at home works perfectly fine.

    Its a 68.6mB sized package...I attempt to DL...and in 2 min time receive a "couldn't update" message....trying now for 4 weeks at least.

    I have no clue why this is happening.
    .....anyone got any ideas..??
    01-10-18 03:51 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    01-10-18 04:03 PM
  3. steakman911's Avatar
    Just tried that...

    Google Services - hit 3 dots and clicked on uninstall updates
    Get new box asking if I want to replace this app with Factory version. I click OK
    Next screen tells me: Manage Device Administrators - click that

    Get screen with two options: find my device - as per article, I de-select that and on the next screen I am given 2 options at the bottom:


    NEITHER will work....???
    01-10-18 04:16 PM
  4. steakman911's Avatar
    Ok...Had to mess around a bit with Google Play services to actually get it to De-activate...once done went back to About Phone - system update and it finally startd the update properly.

    Thanx for steering my in the right direction..! And here i thought programming my Neo 9 Minix was a pain...lol
    01-10-18 04:29 PM
  5. manish bharwad's Avatar
    Error Verification problem DTEK 60
    06-14-18 04:48 AM
  6. manish bharwad's Avatar
    Not updating error with notification problem
    06-14-18 04:54 AM

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