1. Macdtek's Avatar
    Have been on the UK's O2 network for more years than I can remember as I get a massive discount as a local authority worker. As such you needed a "special" BB SIM from O2 to get all the BB services. I've moved it into other BB devices like the PP, classic and leap with no problems. Now I use a dtek 60 do I still need the BB SIM from O2 for it to work or can I use any SIM? I have no issues and the 60 works sweetly with this O2 BB SIM. All O2 services work.

    I only ask as my internet provider is offering a deal with more data for a few £'s less a month.

    I'm out of contract with O2 and I just pay per month. They are trying to sell me a Samsung 8 thing.

    Any information appreciated.
    05-06-17 05:04 AM
  2. amzv101's Avatar
    I'm using an O2 sim as well. I was actually on the special BlackBerry package that I used on my Passport, but noticed that when I moved to the DTEK60 I wasn't getting any 4G. Turns out it was because I was on the BlackBerry data package. Once they removed me from that and just put me on the standard data tariff, it was all working perfectly.

    So I'd say that you can use any standard data package and it should work fine.
    05-06-17 05:31 AM
  3. Macdtek's Avatar
    Cheers, everything works fine currently. 4G, Webb you name it, it's awesome on my 60. So either way all is ok. I can stop with my own special BB SIM or move providers with no problems.

    05-06-17 05:34 AM

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