03-27-18 10:49 AM
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  1. gizmo21's Avatar
    Perhaps @BlackBerry Mobile , @BlackberrySupportTeam or @JohnAtBlackBerry can at least comment on that missing autoloader situation?
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    12-25-17 01:00 AM
  2. scubafan's Avatar
    I agree that the post was in the wrong thread, but I otherwise can't argue with the majority of it! I tell people all the time that ownership = control. That's why I refuse to buy a Windows 10 system or any android device! If I BUY with my hard earned money any product or device I better be able to fully control how & when it operates. The TOS for every android device is written in plain English. They can read, modify or delete any file or program without asking or even telling the user. Worse, they can use the camera or microphone at any time for any reason, and then send the resulting file (in all caps) even If it costs you money.

    Deal killer right there, and we haven't touched the other things google can do. Microshaft is the same basic way with the new OS. Despite furious user comments that forced them to quietly hide more of their data mining, they continue to monitor over 80 different aspects of YOUR device. They allow a token amount of opting out but hide the various items so most users who aren't tech savvy don't know how to block them. They insist that some of the telemetry is required for keeping the OS secure unless you pony up big bucks for enterprise level software. Except for enterprise users, all other users are forced to get every update M$ wants to install, even if the user is aware that it would destroy their ability to use legacy hardware crucial for their business. I personally know a print shop owner and a draftsman who both lost the ability to use multiple thousands of dollars worth of large scale printers after the debacle when M$ forced their Win7 or Win8.1 systems to update to Win10. As an aside, if the bleeping OS was so wonderful, users would be begging for it!

    If they have to trick people into it or outright force it, then perhaps it isn't worth it to those users??

    I check every update to see what is hidden inside it. In the last 18 months I've compiled a list of over 20 kb files that are different ways to sneak the OS onto the PC's I manage. Sad thing is that the core OS is a good improvement over the older ones! More secure & faster running. But they suffer from the same issue that makes me refuse to consider droidberries- the security is only from outside sources! google or microshaft (lower case on purpose, since I don't respect them enough to capitalize) are free to do whatever they want with your data & privacy.

    I'll get off the soap box now, I just wanted to point out that the post was accurate, just needed to be in another thread. (as was mine, except for context)

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
    12-25-17 01:38 AM
  3. dirk_ddiggler's Avatar
    ..... I tell people all the time that ownership = control .....
    There are less verbose ways of channeling Richard Stallman. This is the wrong tree to climb anyway since BBMo/TCL's mission is not about transparency or privacy.
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    12-26-17 05:28 PM
  4. moonflyer's Avatar
    Thanks to @thurask's post I rose my DTEK60 from the dead via Nov 5 autoloader for DTEK60. Though getting an update for it is clearly going to become "another incredible story", sc...w you, TCL...
    03-13-18 08:20 AM
  5. ricaj0625's Avatar
    Which is the publication of @thurask, i have a DTEK60 brick
    03-17-18 01:27 PM
  6. moonflyer's Avatar
    Phew, I used the link from BBOS 10 Beta forum. There is a HUGE pack of autoloaders by @thurask for ALL BB devices.

    I followed the top link on MEGA fileshare at "BlackBerry 10 Phones and OS >> BlackBerry 10 OS >> BB10 Leaked/Beta OS >> BlackBerry OS Archive".

    Keep in mind that it gonna help only if your broken version is earlier than Nov 5, 2017.

    Also, if you bring back to life your DTEK60 using that file and manage to get the latest OTA security update over it, please drop here a note - so far I failed to get OTA update in all ways. :-(
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    03-18-18 05:19 PM
  7. moonflyer's Avatar
    I've got all updates including February 2018 on top of the @thurask's autoloader for my DTEK60 dated Nov 2017. So the autoloader works in full. Great. Big "final" thanks to you @thurask.
    03-27-18 10:49 AM
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