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    It has been many months now and I decided to check back on my original post from 2018. It appears that no new comments have been added. Link is displayed below. This doesn't surprise me since I can't imagine that many people are still using the BB Dtek60 in 2019. I figured that I was going to be the last BB user in Minnesota.


    Anyway, my streak with BlackBerry as my only brand of smartphone had to come to a grim end after a terrible experience with the Dtek60. Basically: the battery wouldn't hold much of a charge, the phone would get very hot, no OS update to Android 7 nor 8 nor 9, problems getting the phone to charge when plugged in and finally, I got locked out of the phone when I attempted a wipe because the phone insisted that my Google password was "less than 24 hours old", though it was 11 years old in truth.

    I have since sold my Dtek60 on ebay for "Parts, Not working" and have made the move to a Google Pixel 3 since it has a very similar footprint.

    So long, BlackBerry. We had quite a good run over the years with many great phones. I just didn't want to risk a repeat of the Dtek60's souring experience.
    08-28-19 11:02 AM
  2. bestera's Avatar
    I feel you.
    My DTEK60 is still going.
    No major issues, except the second battery also now down to 90% capacity after a year.
    I opted to not use the fast-charger, but my BB9900 charger instead.

    Else, it has eaten two SD cards since I had it, but I decided not to install apps on the 2nd one.
    Seems to last, so far.

    My DTEK60 is my very first Android phone.
    I have only had 2 Symbian and BBOS phones until this one.

    Only alternative seems to be the new Android Nokia's...
    08-28-19 11:14 AM

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