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    Ordered my DTEK60 and was super excited (still am) from Shop CrackBerry Canada. This was my Bday present to myself, at least that was my excuse for replacing my Passport. The phone was faulty right away (would not get reception). Tested multiple things with Telus and they said the device is faulty.

    So here is the complete timeline of my adventure:
    * Nov 11th - Ordered phone
    * Nov 18th - Phone arrived
    * Nov 20th - Contacted Shop CrackBerry about the problem
    * Nov 21st - CrackBerry Responded (saying they don't deal with warranty issues and sent me to BRC.warranty@ingrammicro.com)
    * Nov 21st - Contacted BRC with the issue
    * Nov 21st - BRC responded with a form to fill out for the warranty details
    * Nov 21st - Filled out form and sent back
    * Nov 22nd - Received read receipt from BRC
    * No response for days
    * Nov 27th - Sent another email wondering about the delay in responding
    * Nov 28th - Received shipping instructions and pre-paid shipping label
    * Nov 29th - Shipped package at Staples
    * Dec 7th - Package had not moved as per Purolator online tracking. Called Purolator about package
    * Dec 9th - Purolator confirmed they lost package and are now searching for it
    * Dec 13th - BRC Warrantee say they have the device (magically). Purolator still does not know how it got there as the have no scans of it in transit or arriving (Useless)
    * Dec 16th - Emailed BRC
    * Dec 16th - BRC responds says they will get back to me once they know what is going on with device. They confirmed the device is faulty and said they were going to try and repair the device (I said no way I would take a repaired or refurbished device)
    * No Response
    * Dec 16th - Emailed BRC
    * No Response
    * Dec 19th - Emailed BRC
    * No Response
    * Dec 27th - Emailed BRC
    * Dec 28th - Response from BRC. New device being sent out within the next 48hrs. A shipment from BlackBerry just came in to them and they were sending me a brand new device.
    * Waiting for device to arrive
    * Jan 3rd - Received tracking for my new phone today. Says it should arrive today in Winnipeg. I LIVE IN WHITE ROCK, BC!! Not Winnipeg
    * Jan 3rd - Emailed BRC about the shipping details
    * Jan 4th - BRC said they would look into the shipping
    * Jan 5th - BRC emailed saying they have not sent my phone yet (mistake with the tracking number they gave me) and are now waiting for another shipment of new phones (from BlackBerry) to send me one.

    This is the most ridiculous customer service I have ever had to deal with. I'm just about at 2months from when I purchased the device and still don't have a phone!! My last two BlackBerries have been purchased through Amazon and their customer service is amazing! I had a Passport with the screen lift issue and received a new one within 2 days of mentioning the issue to them.

    I'll update this post as soon as I receive more updates. Luckily my Passport still is working. Hopefully no one else on here has a problem with their Shop CrackBerry (Blueshop.ca) phone as going through the warranty process is HORENDOUS!

    **Mods don't bury this post in the dungeon of the forums (Site Feedback - where no one goes) like you did my last one http://forums.crackberry.com/site-fe...eturn-1092902/ **
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    Please continue in your original thread -- no need to create another. It is not buried, and has had a number of comments.

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    01-05-17 11:16 PM

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