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    I would appreciate some guidance on moving from the Q10 to a DTEK60 that I ordered through BlackBerry. Love OS10 but am making the move over to Android, with some trepidation, for the larger screen, access to Google Maps and smoother operation of a couple of Android Apps that I use for business purposes. The move to the Q10 from an OS7 9810 was problematic with Notes/Remember data being the most difficult. Neither the switch devices, Link data transfer or synchronizing notes with Outlook worked and it finally required me to sync my notes via the third-party App - Evernote - not ideal but it finally worked. I keep records of phone conversations, passwords, meeting notes and other important data in the Remember App and have some 1200+ important notes that I need to migrate.

    If you have successfully migrated from a Q10 to a DTEK60, then don't be shy, I would like to hear from you to ensure that I don't mess this up.


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    BlackBerry Content Transfer app will make moving your data to a BlackBerry Priv easier | CrackBerry.com

    You'll have to sync the Remember data to Evernote.

    Some have had issues with syncing a lot of data... you'll want to try and move as much as possible manually if you have issues.
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    11-02-16 01:29 PM
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    I made the move from BB10 to Android when the Priv launched last year. My recommendation is to begin syncing your contacts and calendar via Google. I don't think you can start the sync from within BB10, so you'll need to export from BB10 and import a text file to Google.

    I have over 2,000 contacts, so syncing everything in Google Contacts was the best solution for me. In fact, I have been using Google Sync on since the BBOS days. It's just the easiest way to sync that many contacts.

    I tried the Content Transfer app with all of my contacts and other info when the Priv launched last year, and whether it was by SD card or device to device connection is took far too long.

    For notes I switched to OneNote long ago, just because it is the most platform friendly notes app, and OneDrive for cloud storage for the same reason. Other than BlackBerry 10 they have every other major platform covered and good web-based offerings too.
    11-02-16 01:35 PM
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    Thanks DDD and MR55 for your replies. I was hoping not to have to sync my contacts via Google, if at all possible, so will try the Evernote workaround again before having to go down that road. It's never easy though, is it? But, I just can't bring myself to go over to the iOS dark side. Sorry, Tim.
    11-02-16 05:15 PM
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    What about the app Ultimate Backup? Or BlackBerry Content Transfer App?

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    11-02-16 11:06 PM
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    11-02-16 11:07 PM
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    HondaS2K, I'll be doing the same as you soon. Passport to Dtek60.

    Let me know how it goes and what works best or what problems arise.

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    11-02-16 11:09 PM
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    Yes, best if you make sure your contacts are up to date on your email whether it be google, Outlook or yahoo etc..

    As of yet, the notes app on android does not support images so the will be text only.
    11-03-16 12:12 AM
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    Brian, the Content transfer didn't work via SD card transfer, so I tried WiFi transfer which ran for hours and then got hung up. Finally had to transfer the content via Google Drive. WhatsApp contacts didn't transfer at all and I now understand that these cannot be moved from OS10 to Android. Who knew? I also forgot that my SD card was encrypted and neglected to decrypt it prior to insertion into the DTEK60. Error message indicated that it required reformatting. Are you kidding me?

    I am now decrypting the SD card in my Q10 and will post again if this doesn't solve the problem. OS 10 sure makes it hard to say good-bye though, doesn't it? Good luck with the transfer - the operative word being luck.
    11-05-16 06:43 PM

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