08-05-17 11:09 AM
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  1. Overlord71's Avatar
    No booting into safe mode / cleaning caches etc. helped. I believe it could only be deleted by a utility done by the OEM, since without root I can't search for and delete the downloaded update.

    I continued by resetting the device via the settings, no Autoloader just normal device erase. After the device came back it redownloaded the update and it installed. Of course I have to install and configure my apps again, a major PITA. Backups even Google does not help most Apps do not save their settings. And it's those which I care most for not the Apps themselves.

    Anyway resetting the device did work. Turns out the safe device shots itself in the foot in cases like these and I as user can't do anything. My next device won't be as "secure" then LOL.
    07-31-17 05:34 AM
  2. mkatkinson's Avatar
    * UPDATE: Installation Problem Fix *

    I reached out to a contact at BB Beta Zone and he gave me the following fix to the problem of the June security update downloading but not installing:

    Settings > Apps > Top right menu > Show System
    Find Google Services Framework > Tap Storage
    Clear Data/Cache
    Reboot the device
    Check for updates again

    That fixed the glitch for me, hope it does for you all. Good luck!
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    08-02-17 02:03 AM
  3. vishesh batra's Avatar
    settings >app > top right menu >show system> find google Services framework > tap storage > click clear data/cache
    Reboot the device
    check for updates again
    Download and install.
    will fix the glitch. worked for me . hope it does for you . Good luck
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    08-02-17 03:52 AM
  4. JJonPB's Avatar
    I threw in the towel and factory-reset my DTEK60. From there, the update installation went smoothly, and I am now on build AAM326
    08-04-17 12:44 AM
  5. yohannyphm's Avatar
    it worked for me thanks
    08-04-17 12:24 PM
  6. mkatkinson's Avatar
    A factory reset is not necessary. I do not recommend others to do the same.

    See my post #27 , that is BB's recommended way to resolve the issue.
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    08-05-17 12:58 AM
  7. JJonPB's Avatar
    A factory reset is not necessary. I do not recommend others to do the same.

    See my post #27 , that is BB's recommended way to resolve the issue.
    I read it too late...
    08-05-17 10:29 AM
  8. mkatkinson's Avatar
    I guessed that might be the case. Just didn't want others to think that they had to do a factory reset.

    Hopefully the next security update will be with us in the next few days. Will it be dated July or August?!
    08-05-17 11:09 AM
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