1. danpass's Avatar
    My smart phone cycle has been

    Multiple iPhones thru the 6 Plus
    BB Classic
    BB Passport
    Samsung S5. (new from Amazon)

    There turned out to be more than just one app I missed having so I went to the S5. It turns out I like Android, more easily manipulated to the way I want it to work (vs iOS).

    But I do miss The Hub and the BB desktop software. The Samsung Sync software is ... ok.

    Has anyone had a similar cycle?

    Does the BB 'Android' system work with BB's desktop software?
    11-15-16 10:47 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    you can download hub and such for your samsung S5 if you want. Its in the play store.
    11-15-16 10:49 AM
  3. danpass's Avatar
    that doesn't help convince me to buy a new phone with a bigger screen.

    11-15-16 10:53 AM
  4. SeanKent's Avatar
    My position was this - had a Torch, and upgraded to BB10 with the Z10. Upgraded to Passport, and had been waiting to make the plunge to Android. It wasn't until Pokemon Go came out, and everyone around me was playing it, that I had to borrow a phone! So I actually borrowed my brother's Galaxy S5, and had 2 phones - my Passport for regular every day use, and the S5, simply my Pokedex!

    At the time, with the S5 being my only impression on Android, I couldn't believe that people actually used it as their main phone. I couldn't get to grips with not having Hub and being able to peak at it from anywhere, the lack of productivity, it just seemed so primitive compared to my Passport! As much as having widgets and millions of apps made the phone appear to be an upgrade, it really wasn't.

    And it wasn't until I got the DTEK60 which completely changed my mind about Android. The OS works great with BB's gravy, and although there was a steep learning curve to Android, I'm pretty much used to it now and it's a treat. It's nice having any app I want, as well as still having super easy access to the Hub from anywhere just like on BB10. I picked up my brother's S7 Edge yesterday and had a play around with it, and I actually couldn't believe the difference. The swipe shortcuts combined with the convenience key and productivity tab etc etc etc make the phone super worth making the jump to Android. Saying that, you've already got an Android so it will be even better for you.

    As for the desktop software, sorry, I have no idea!
    11-15-16 11:18 AM
  5. danpass's Avatar
    A restart may solve this but the Play Store BB Hub program is a battery hog lol.
    11-15-16 12:03 PM
  6. vhl71's Avatar
    Go ahead and get the dtek60 a - you won't regret it. After my bb10 devices I've tried a number of Android phones only to return or sell them. Finally ended up with dtek50 and love it. In fact just ordered the dtek60 and waiting for it

    BlackBerry android with its hub, keyboard, productivity tab and security is the best android out there. So you won't regret it.
    11-15-16 12:47 PM
  7. danpass's Avatar
    On my S5 Marshmallow I sweep left on a name and it goes direct to the text message function.

    I sweep right and it goes to the phone function.

    These sweeps are not available in the BB Hub android app. Does the DTEK60 do it natively?
    11-17-16 12:44 PM

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