1. Ha P McBroom's Avatar
    Okay I'm aware nothing is full proof but with our BlackBerry Dtek line and the hardened kernel with in our Android phones are we affected by it? Or will a simple software patch do the trick any thoughts?
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    01-06-18 09:05 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    The vulnerabilities are a result of CPU design, and can therefore only be mitigated on current devices rather than patched out completely. That said, the Snapdragon 820 uses custom Qualcomm cores, and Qualcomm hasn't released a list of all vulnerable products, but since Spectre is present in just about every CPU that uses speculative execution (i.e. anything modern and high performance), it's safe to say that the 820 is vulnerable.

    Google has released some mitigations for Spectre as part of the January 5, 2018 patch level for Android.
    01-06-18 09:24 PM

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