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    Thanks to @thurask's Nov 5 I rose my DTEK60 from the dead just to see that April 5 update is already on air. WTFIGO, TCL? ROFLMAOSTC, but it makes me SO-O-O-O-O sad and O_O.
    03-13-18 08:24 AM
  2. moonflyer's Avatar
    Now I am showing around WHAT the current TCLed BlackBerry Android IS on own TOP device :
    1) insane battery drain;
    2) almost no support from TCL;
    3) out-of-the-box unable to fetch an update from Google Play (dancing around - no luck so far );
    4) USB-flash drive that works EVERYWHERE is not even spotted.

    I am now honestly comparing DTEK60 in the open with Z30 and Nokia E6 (LOL). Adding up iPhone and BB Passport.

    And know what, after I bundled a 10 000 mAh QC 3.0 power bank with each of the contestants, the DTEK60 bundle started to look as the best choice. Great!

    So, guys, just add a 10 000 mAh QC 3.0 Power Bank to the pack and enjoy your decent experience.
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    03-13-18 08:50 AM

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