1. royster86's Avatar
    I have a few questions regarding the home screen.

    1) If I'm on the home screen and press the circle 'home' button, it takes me to the second page. Is that normal? Only just noticed it.

    2) I have the default digital clock widget on the home screen. I like it quite big at the top, but to have it sized like that it takes up an additional row of icons (see attachment). It seems a big waste of space, and poor design in the widget resizing. Anyone else notice this?

    3) If I long press the circle button at any time, I get a weird animated white border flashing up round the screen. Doesn't seem to do anything. I did read it was related to Google Now, which I don't have installed (even when I did, I didn't notice any change), which leads me on to...

    4) I installed the Google Now Launcher, and it doesn't show up in the Launcher list. Others do, like Nova Launcher for example, but Google Now doesn't. Any ideas?
    Attached Thumbnails Home screen questions-45448.jpg  
    08-11-17 02:05 PM
  2. anon(10123624)'s Avatar
    1. Press on a blank space and you can select which page you want as home page. Scroll left or right then press the home icon above to make that page home when pressing circle home button.

    2. Only fix for that is make is next size smaller. I have same problem.

    3. Long press of home button should open up google if it is set-up. This works for "ask google assistant" More info here on what you ask google to do. https://support.google.com/assistant...DAndroid&hl=en

    4. Shouldn't need to install google launcher for it to work. I'm using the stock Blackberry launcher and google assistant works fine. Go to Google options in your settings to set it up.
    08-11-17 02:54 PM
  3. royster86's Avatar
    Brilliant, thanks for that. I had the Google app disabled. I have Google Now and Google Now Tap turned on, but still nothing seems to happen. On top of that, if I try and update the Google app from the app store, I get a 403 error. I've tried all the steps online about clearing the Google Play cache and rebooting the device but it's still not working...
    08-11-17 05:14 PM

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