1. Albert Cardarelli's Avatar
    Any chance I can relocate the virtual home button on the DTEK 60? It's currently too close to the space bar and I find myself exiting my messaging app involuntarily, when typing in a hurry. Also, my ringtone volume is a little too low... anything I can do to raise the gain on it, or it that EQ gain only good for music and not for ringtones?
    Failing the above, are there 'other' avilable ringtones that are recorded at a higher gain that might help?
    11-18-16 07:38 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    you can record anything you like with Audacity, a free app on your PC. you can adjust the volume and place the ringtone in the proper folder on your device. You can also check other ringtone collections....like Zedge, here on CB and many other locations.
    11-18-16 12:26 PM
  3. Slamdunc1's Avatar
    The ringtone and Notifications volume is something bothering me and I have reported to BlackBerry.

    Tickerguy is another thread mentioned that this is due to escalation being applied. So you may get 50% volume moving to 100% over 5 seconds for instance .that is an example I am not sure exactly levels time etc.

    This ties in with what I have discovered. If you play a notification at full volume in the media player for example PURE it is noticeably louder than playing the same Notification tone from sounds and Notifications.

    Sam deal with ringtones if you compare playing the ringtone from a media player against against the notification settings , the media player volume is higher.

    Hopefully this will be fixed in an update soon. Apparently there was a similar issue with the DTEK50.
    11-19-16 05:19 AM

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